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Corolla Surf School The Corolla Surf School is 20 years old. Time flies when you're having fun teaching friends how to surf! Since 1996 our goal has remained the same: we want to offer a safe, informative and fun surf class. All of our instructors are CPR certified by Corolla Beach Rescue and are highly trained to give the safest, most-effective, professional and fun lessons on the beach. We've taught over 20,000 lessons to date, and we have 2 decades of experience watching the weather, wave conditions and shifting sandbars that shape our surfing environment on the Northern Outer Banks. Maybe that's why we've been recommended by the New York Times and Fitness Magazine!

Private LessonsSummer surf on the Outer Banks, especially in Corolla, creates some of the safest waves for beginning surfers. In fact, Outside Magazine has ranked Corolla as one of the top 6 destinations in the US to learn how to surf! Long flat sandbars make it easy for both the student and instructor to walk the surfboard out into the ocean and for the students to take their first ride. We also offer Stand-Up Paddleboarding lessons. It's the latest craze that is taking the surf and mainland communities by storm. It's a great way to stay in shape and experience some breathtaking views.

We take great pride in our surf lesson school and we love what we do! The knowledge base that Corolla Surf Instructors pull from is 18 years of experience. The Corolla Surf School was founded in 1996 with the goal of making the sport of surfing easy to learn, fun and safe. That goal has not changed. What we have learned over the years is that every person learns differently. Each surf student absorbs information and reacts to the elements differently than the next student. We adjust and adapt our curriculum to the specific needs of each student. Come surf with us!

We offer a number of different classes: click each tab below for details and prices.

Introductory Surf Lessons

This is our most popular lesson. We focus on the fundamentals of surfing: water safety, paddling, catching a wave, popping-up (standing up), and balance. We provide all equipment needed, including a wetsuit and surfboard. We use soft (foam) round-nose surfboards that are great for safety and stability.Introductory Lessons

The lesson starts with land-based training that includes basic ocean safety (how to spot a rip current), surfboard safety (how to control your board), and surfing 101 (how to surf!) Then we hit the ocean, where the instructor will be in the water with you the entire time, helping you to paddle into waves, adjust your technique and start surfing! Instructor-to-student ratio is 1 to 5. Length: 1.5 to 2 hours. Cost per lesson: $68

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Advanced Beginner Lessons

Advanced BeginnerThis lesson is a great choice for those students who have already taken the INTRODUCTORY SURF LESSON and want to log in more water time. The course will begin with a 10-minute recap on water safety and surf fundamentals, and then head straight to the water for the rest of the lesson.

The ADVANCED BEGINNER LESSON is designed to give beginning surfers more instruction and practice in the surf. The instructor will be in the water with you the entire time, helping you learn to catch waves by yourself, select the best waves, and advance your technique. Instructor to student ratio is 1 to 5. Length: 1.5 to 2 hours. Cost: $68

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Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Private LessonsPrivate surf lessons include all the activities offered in the INTRODUCTORY SURF LESSONS and ADVANCED BEGINNER LESSONS but are limited to one or two students. This is a great choice for students who prefer more individual attention or have specific skills they want to address. This would also be a great experience for the parent and child (or small group) who want more privacy, quality time and special attention. This is also the perfect choice for children of all ages. Length: 1.5 to 2 hours 1 student: $125 - 2 students $200 ** Stand-up Paddleboarding private classes are also available **

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Gary's Surf Safari and Paddleboarding Lessons

Gary's Surf SafariFor a vacation experience you won't forget, hop into our Surfari truck and venture to a secret surf spot with CSS owner and 7 time Eastern Surfing Champs qualifier, Gary Smith. Choose between surfing or paddleboarding (or both!), and Gary will guide you to the spot that's working the best for your experience level/sport choice, and he'll customize the lesson just for you. 1 student: $165.00 - 2 students: $300.00. ** We also accomodate paddleboard-only lessons in our private/semi-private classes. **

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Special Attention Lessons

Special NeedsWe are more than happy to accommodate any children or adults who need special attention. Students must be confident swimming in the ocean by themselves. Students will work one-on-one with the instructor in a PRIVATE CLASS in order to maximize learning, fun and safety. If your child or adult has any special needs, please inform us BEFORE you book the lesson so that we may have a class tailored just for you! (We also encourage family or friends to take this lesson with the student.)

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Advanced BeginnerKiteboarding Lessons are dependent upon wind conditions. If you sign up for a kiteboarding lessons, our kiteboarding staff will call you, answer any questions and review the best wind-dependent lesson times. You will not be charged for your lesson until you approve the lesson time.

Group Rate: $275
Semi-Private $300
Group Rate: $275

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How to Sign Up for Lessons:

On the Web: Click on Secure Reservation Form and fill out the LESSON RESERVATION FORM that appears, and you can reserve a lesson by using our secure site. We will e-mail you a confirmation.
1. Over the phone: 252-453-WAVE (9283)
2. In person: Stop by our shop in the Food Lion Shopping Center in Corolla.
For surf lesson questions please email:

How it Works:

All lessons meet at the Corolla Surf Shop location in the Food Lion Shopping Center, across the street from TimBuck2 Shopping Village. We ask that you show up 20 minutes before the scheduled lesson time in order to meet the instructors, get fitted for a wetsuit, sign the required waiver, and get detailed directions to the surf spot, (usually about a 5 minute drive.)

What to Bring:

We provide all the equipment, including a surfboard (or paddleboard) and wetsuit. Students should bring a towel, bathing suit, water and sandals (the sand gets HOT!) You will then follow the instructor to the selected spot and begin your lesson!

Tips for Your Lesson:

We suggest lathering up with high-performance waterproof sunblock before you check-in for your lesson, so it has time to absorb into the skin. Cheaper sunblocks, or sunblock applied right before the student hits the beach, tends to bleed into their eyes and can inhibit their vision in the water, (and it stings!) We sell high performance sunblock, and the surf instructors give great advice as to what sunblock works the best. Bottled water is also a necessity.

For surfers with longer hair, we suggest a hair tie. For male surfers, we suggest wearing compression shorts (similar to bike shorts or swim team “jammers”) under your bathing suit, to prevent chafing and make for a more comfortable wetsuit fit.

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