Surf Report

Report for December 10, 2018

Gary’s Words for the Day

Double Overhead, Rapidly Changing Conditions

The East Coast’s winter storm hit us yesterday. High winds made it dangerous for us to go outside due to falling branches from our Carolina pine trees, but the house and cars are unscathed. The ocean is out of control, as to be expected. Corolla has a northeastern right now with high tide bringing water up to the high dune line. Although air temp is 42 degrees, the wind and rain make it fell like its the mid 30″: NOTE: YOU CAN BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES BY GOING TO OUR ONLINE STORE. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

High Tide: 9:08 AM
Low Tide: 3:40 PM
Water Temp: 47°F
Air Temp: 47°F
Wind’s out of the: NNE
Wind Speed: am wind: 24 to 30 but backing down tonight
Swell’s out of the: NNE

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