Corolla Surf Report

Report for April 28, 2017

Gary's Words for the Day

Waist to Stomach, and off-shore

We really lucked out! Despite the steady off-shore wind, we have decent waist+ surf. This is the 3rd day of good surf. Th off-shore wind has caused the H20 to drop into the mid 50’s which means you are going to need a 3.2 mm.  But the off-shore wind is helping too hold the sections up giving open sections. NOTE: ALL INDICATIONS ARE TELLING US THAT THIS GOING TO BE A BUSY SUMMER. PLEASE BOOK YOUR SURF LESSON BEFORE YOU COME DOWN TO THE BEACH

High Tide 9:40 AM
Low Tide 3:44 PM
Water Temp 57° fahrenheit
Air Temp 76° fahrenheit
Wind's out of the SW
Wind Speed 15 mph
Swell's out of the E