Corolla Surf Report

Report for July 22, 2017

Gary's Words for the Day

Thigh High, Longboardable

Corolla currently has an outgoing tide at 10:00AM. Low is at 1:08PM. Wave height is  the smallest in the last 4 days: thigh high once the tide goes out.  The wind (like it has been for the last 4 weeks) is off-shore. This has pushed water temps down to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. But these cooler water temps might make up for a heat index that will be close to 100 degrees. Equipment of the day: wetsuit, longboard, 50 SPF sun screen and lots of drinking water. NOTE: THE BEST SELECTION OF RENTAL EQUIPMENT IS THE WEEKEND. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

High Tide 7:05 AM
Low Tide 1:08 PM
Water Temp 58° fahrenheit
Air Temp 85° fahrenheit
Wind's out of the SW
Wind Speed 11 mph w/small gusts
Swell's out of the ESE