Corolla Surf Report

Report for February 26, 2017

Gary's Words for the Day

Thigh to Waist, with a side-shore wind

 Weather and surf conditions are back to typical winter. Corolla has an outgoing tide and wave height is thigh to waist. Surface conditions are semi-choppy due to a wind coming out of the ENE. The combination of 50 degree Fahrenheit air temp and a 13 mph wind creates a wind chill that feels like 40 degrees. However the cold front that is impacting the upper mid west should only have a minimal effect on our weather over the next week. But stay posted, our weather can change in within an hour. NOTE: REMEMBER, OUR ON-LINE SURF RESERVATION CUSTOMERS ALWAYS GET THE BEST SELECTION OF LESSONS TIMES. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

High Tide 7:22 PM
Low Tide 1:19 PM
Water Temp 49° fahrenheit
Air Temp 50° fahrenheit
Wind's out of the NE
Wind Speed 12 mph +
Swell's out of the ENE