Corolla Surf Report

Report for November 25, 2015

Gary's Words for the Day

Ankle Slapper to Kneecap, with a side-shore wind

Today's surface smaller than it was yesterday. Corolla currently has a wind out of the North. Wind speed is around 15 to 17 mph. Wave height is only kneecap high with mushy ill-defined sections. However there's not a cloud in the sky and we are hoping that air temps will  rise above 60  degrees Fahrenheit  today: NOTE: I WILL BE RUNNING THE SHOP FROM 8 TILL 1 PM IN CASE THE KIDS NEED TO RENT WETSUITS. GARY. COROLLA SURF SHOP 

High Tide 6:42PM
Low Tide 12:48 NOON
Water Temp 57° fahrenheit
Air Temp 57° fahrenheit
Wind's out of the NE
Wind Speed STAEDY AT 15 MPH
Swell's out of the E