Corolla Surf Report

Report for October 22, 2014

Gary's Words for the Day

Ankle Slapper to Kneecap, and off-shore

 The pictures make the surf  conditions look better than real life.  At this 8:15 AM posting we currently have too much off-shore wind. Wind speed is 20 mph plus & clocking. Wave height is only a weak knee cap high wave.  Air temp took a dip down to 55°F. NOTE: WE ARE EXPECTING A DELIVERY OF HORSE-HEAD SWEATS & LONG SLEEVE TEES. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

High Tide 7:06 PM
Low Tide 1:12 PM
Water Temp 68° fahrenheit
Air Temp 55° fahrenheit
Wind's out of the WNW
Wind Speed 20 MPH with gusts
Swell's out of the ESE