Corolla Surf Report

Report for May 4, 2016

Gary's Words for the Day

Kneecap, and crumbling

The northern Outer Banks experienced a change in weather last night. Mother Nature put on a lighting show late last night. The wind switched and is now out of the ENE. Wave height at high tide is only knee cap w/no clear sections or breaks. Air & H2O are matching each other at 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Best recommendation: check the surf once the tide flips at Noon: NOTE: ANY OF OUR 2015 BOARDS WIL BE DISCOUNTED. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP 

High Tide 6:12 PM
Low Tide 12:00 Noon
Water Temp 57° fahrenheit
Air Temp 57° fahrenheit
Wind's out of the ENE
Wind Speed 15 mph w/fog & rain
Swell's out of the E